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We increase the value of your customer base

Based on data and customer insights we help our clients drive measurable results by building better customer relationships. We orchestrate the customer experience across all of the company’s direct touchpoints. We use data to drive marketing and create efficiency through automation.

Lead generation and nurturing programs

We look, we meet, we greet. From strangers to customers, we build lasting relationships from the ground up.

Cross- and upsale programs

We listen, we learn, we inspire. We create conversations that make your customers realise they need you for more than they knew.

Loyalty and win-back programs

Built on data, powered by technology, delivered with a creative touch. We make your customers love you and increase their lifetime value.

Communicate with each customer or prospect as an audience of one

Lester Wunderman – Founder of Wunderman

We have a dream

We strive for a utopia where all business communication is just as relevant, empathic and effective as a conversation between two people. We help companies develop mutually valuable relationships with their customers.

We strive to humanise companies. We build value with intelligence.

We help our clients become truly customer-centric. We measure everything we do against the rules of human communication because relationships are created between people. We strive to make this possible for companies with millions of customers. We integrate data, creativity and technology to break the boundaries of what is possible for a company.

We strive to eliminate the marketing messages that just create noise, annoy us all and pollute our lives.

We help our clients improve their bottom line by making their business more human, as this creates stronger, more profitable customer relationships. And if you ask our clients they will say that, while we are indeed visionaries, we are always pragmatic, systematic and solution-oriented. Think customers first and make marketing meaningful while delivering measurable business value.

We love data. Data is at the centre of everything we do – from start to end. Data to gain insights. Data to predict the best messages. Data to optimise effect. Data to prove value.

The Wunderman Scandinavia team includes more than 20 marketing scientists

We are with you all the way

Our specialist competencies are tailored to support our clients in achieving true customer-centricity. We partner with our clients to build a service model that serves their unique needs.

Marketing Consulting

Strategy & Planning
Business case modelling
Account management
Project management

Marketing Science

Data mining and predictive modelling
Conversion optimisation
Customer journey mapping
Reporting and dashboards

Marketing Creative

Concept, art direction, copy
Content production
User experience
3D & video production

Marketing Technology

Front- and back-end development
Systems and data integration
Systems configuration
Database design & development

Marketing Process

Change Management
Process mapping & modelling
Process optimisation
Quality Assurance

Marketing Operation

CRM program management
E-mail execution
Web site and social management

The more you engage with customers, the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.

John Russell – President of Harley Davidson

We engage your customers directly

We orchestrate your customer dialogue across all direct touchpoints. We capture data in each interaction and transform it into customer insights. We use the customer insights across touchpoints to create meaningful and relevant customer experiences.

Campaign Management

We orchestrate all your direct touchpoints. We use world-class standard tools to ensure that what is learnt at each touchpoint is immediately used to make others more intelligent and relevant.


We build intelligent and one2one websites, landing pages and campaign sites. Large and small solutions based on the best standard technologies in the market.

Mobile and tablets

We help you make the most out of mobile opportunities, no matter if it is through mobile web, apps or good old text messaging.


E-mails are the most cost-effective communication. We help you create 1to1 triggered e-mails and cost efficient segmented newsletters.


Social is an amazing opportunity for direct interaction with your customers – and between them. Listen, learn and interact. Find and build advocates that amplify your messages.


We help you optimize both your SEO and SEM campaigns. We work with search as an integrated part of the overall customer conversations and centralized data.

Direct Mail

The good old letter is still a powerful touchpoint when used well. We know how to get the best out of this and how to integrate it with your online touchpoints.

Sales force

We bridge the gap between marketing and sales. We empower the sales force to focus on the best opportunities and to boost their lead-to-sales ratio by having tools to support the dialogue.

Point of sale

We integrate real time insights and empowerment to the point of sales system. We ensure that customers are recognized and feel appreciated as important.

Customer service

We give customer service access to relevant customer insights. We empower with predictive next-best offers. All customers are treated as individuals while increasing efficiency.

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.

Sam Walton 1977 – Founder of Walmart

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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.


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Team player

You are a team player and ready to do whatever it takes.

Hidden agendas

You have hidden agendas.

You want to improve

You are focused on making today better than yesterday.

Noise maker

You amplify gossip and are egocentric.

Hungry for knowledge

You seek and share new knowledge and insights.


You see problems but do not take action.

Professional service

You love to take responsibility and give our customers the best services.

Comfortably numb

You do not love your work.

We are passionate about driving change for our customers and our colleagues.
We never want to stand still and are eager to make tomorrow better than today.
We work to learn, learn to give and give to get.
We want to be the best at what we do.

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Wunderman Scandinavia is made up of people with very diverse educational backgrounds and more than 15 different nationalities. We currently employ people with degrees in marketing, physics, mathematics, information technology, journalism, film & media studies, graphic design, theology, computer sciences, psychology, sociology, English, Danish, communications, multimedia design, business management, accounting and many more.

We always have room for more world-class talent. So if you don’t see your dream-job listed below, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. You can send your unsolicited application here.

We are continuously looking for these profiles:

Project Managers
Project Coordinators
Account Directors
Front end developers
Back end developers
CRM systems specialists
Data scientists
Customer Intelligence Analysts
Campaign analysts
System architects
Test & QA specialists
QA managers
System architects
Art Directors
User experience specialists
Information architects
3D and video artists
Web masters
Campaign Specialist

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